More Examples

Below three shots of my sons bedroom early evening. It's not an "artistic" composition, but an example to show the working of enfuse. The lamp is very light (off course) as well as the PC (Windows I'm afraid) and so is the window. In the underexposed image you can see the beginning autumn colors in the tree outside. The overexposed image shows the coloured boxes in the shadowed corner as well as details in the shadowed areas under the desk.
The central "normal" image doesn't show hardly anything in the shadow areas under and next to the desk.

The enfused image displays both higlighted parts (pc, window) as well as shadowed parts (underneath and next to desk) just using standard settings. The lamp is still a bit overblown though.

-2EV 0EV 2EV
-2EV exposure. 0EV exposure +2EV exposure
Fused image

Below a standard set of three images in the "Auto bracket mode" of my camera. Just -1EV, 0EV and +1EV. Differences are not that big here, but you can see that the boat ramp hardly contains details, whereas they are much better in the fused image while color and detail is maintained in the sky.
-1EV 0EV 1EV
-1EV exposure. 0EV exposure +1EV exposure
Fused image

Below an example of a set of three hand made photos (without tripod). The left picture clearly shows that the images used for the enfused picture were not correctly aligned. The right picture shows the same set that has been aligned before they were enfused.
Click the photo's for a larger version.

Niet uitgelijnde set fotos uitgelijnde set fotos