Downloads for ImageFuser

The latest version (0.7.6) of the ImageFuser application bundle can be directly downloaded here:

(Snow)Leopard : This version uses an OpenMP(1) enabled enfuse.
Tiger : This version uses an enfuse without OpenMP(1).

For older versions look in the SourceForge files section.
For even older versions look at

(1): OpenMP supports parallel processing which means that enfuse can use multiple cores on your Mac if you have a multi-core CPU in your system (G5 dual-core, dual processor G5 (dual-core), intel core duo, intel quad-core, i5, i7, etc.)
Please note that with "smaller" jpg images that only take seconds to fuse the performance gain will hardly be noticable as the loading of the images takes in that case also substantial time (relatively speaking). With big (tiff) images the performance gain will definitely improve, especially on systems with a lot of memory and on quad core or 8-core systems. Enfuse image calculations will be about 40-45% faster on duo core and 70-75% faster on quad core.
Tiger does not support openMP.

The ImageFuser source code is part of a Mercurial repository. You can download the code from the mercurial repository by issuing the following command from a terminal window:

hg clone ImageFuser

For a very good manual and introduction to Mercurial go here.

Older versions of both application bundles and source code tarballs can be found via the Files section of SourceForge.



For the Release notes and changelog see the changelog.

  • 20-03-2010: Moved from to SourceForge. ImageFuser is now hosted on SourceForge in a mercurial repository.
  • 12-02-2010: Released version
  • December 2009: Released ImageFuser (version as Open Source but still from my private server at
  • 04-10-2008: First official release of ImageFuser: version 0.4.
For further historic info and downloads see