2.Using ImageFuser
    2.1Step 0: Overview of ImageFuser main screen
    2.2Step 1: Collecting your images
    2.3Step 2: Opening your images in ImageFuser
    2.4Step 3: Decide on output format
    2.5Step 4: Define Enfuse settings
    2.6Step 5: Align your images and define settings for Align_image_stack
    2.7Step 6: Save your enfused image
    2.8Output to HDR
    2.9Only align images
3.Batch mode
    3.1Step 1: Select a folder
    3.2Step 2: Give a name to your images
4.Bracketing and dynamic range of digital camera's
5.Noise reduction
6.Depth of Field
ASupported image formats
BTranslate ImageFuser into your own language.
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